Lightning Digital Entertainment is proud to present “Vinnie-isms: The Story of the Cop Comedian”, a new documentary film Coming Soon chronicling the Comedy & Police career of Vinnie Montez.  Produced and Directed by Jason Harney, the film features Vinnie himself, as he guides the audience through his life, career, and the inspirations for his most famous on stage comedy bits.

Those who have watched Vinnie’s hilarious performances know his comedy is heavily influenced by his Family, as well as career as a Commander with the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office in Boulder, Colorado.  He has a gift for transporting audiences into his world as a Police Officer, often bringing real life stories to the stage, resulting in gut busting laughs.  All of this is blended with his Mexican Heritage and love of food, as well as a resounded message about the importance of Mental Health.

It was about midway through Vinnie’s Police career, which began as a teenage Explorer in the early 1990s and then becoming a member of the BCSO in 1998, that he began to suffer from the effects of cumulative trauma from the job. He knew his Mental Health needed to be addressed, and Comedy became that outlet.

In the film, you’ll follow along as Vinnie begins his comedy journey on stage for the first time at the world famous Comedy Works in downtown Denver, Colorado, where he was given 2 minutes to perform as a participant in the club’s New Talent Night.  Soon, as he began performing regularly and improving his craft, an unmistakeable talent was born and he was promoted to the Almost Famous list, which meant opening for the club’s headliners.

All the while, Vinnie was climbing the ladder at the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office, achieving the rank of Commander while overseeing the department’s Patrol Division operations.  And what started with performances in bars and Police Conferences, has transformed Vinnie into one of the top comedic acts in the country, armed with his brand of Dark Humor and unrelenting commentary on the comedic oddities every law enforcement officer encounters throughout their career.  

The film explores all of Vinnie’s greatest hits, including The Bear, 420 Tickle Me Elmo, The Loofah, Ice Cream Cone, Millennial Cops, Subaru Drivers, Shhhhh, and many more as the very inspirations of these stories, weigh in on how they are portrayed by Vinnie on stage.

Featuring a cast of Vinnie’s Family, fellow Comedians, Cops, and Mentors including Silvia Montez, Rudy Montez, Ben Montez, Catrina Weigel, Chuck Andrews, Phil West, Rick Brough, Sam Hard, Paul Davis, Craig Reams, Scott Adler, Nick Goldberger, Llohan Martinez, Juliette Martinez, Peggy Wood, Jamey Wood, JD McCausey, Officer Daniels, Wende Curtis, Brent Gill, John Novosad, & Randy Sutton.

Above all, “Vinnie-isms” is a very human story, filled with inspiration, heart, and emotion courtesy of Vinnie’s dedication to both his community and the stage.

“Vinnie-isms: The Story of the Cop Comedian” is a production of Lightning Digital Entertainment.

Produced, Directed, & Edited by Jason Harney

Comedy Written & Performed by Vinnie Montez

Executive Producers: Jason Harney & Vinnie Montez

Vinnie-isms Key Art