Is There Something Going On At Home?

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Lightning Digital Entertainment is proud to present "IS THERE SOMETHING GOING ON AT HOME?", a documentary feature film from Director Jason Harney & Producer Deborah Louise Ortiz.

When a Police Officer suffers from trauma, their family will suffer right along with them. Our film gives a voice to the Spouses, Significant Others, and Children of the Police Family.  

The story follows Deborah Louise Ortiz, along with her husband, Michael, and daughter, Angela, as they tell their story of a one time New York State Trooper & DEA Task Force Agent struggling in retirement with Addiction and PTSD.  Ultimately leading to devastating consequences for the family.

Rachel Medlin & Scott Medlin then share their experiences as a young couple enduring the fallout of a demanding Police Career, which leaves the spouse at home acting as a single parent and a once strong relationship slowly crumbling.

Dr. Olivia Johnson, backed by her extensive research in developing the Fatal 10 of Law Enforcement Suicide, weighs in on both stories, while also explaining the importance of inoculation as it relates to the Mental Health & Relationship issues Police Officers will face during their careers.

Finally, retired Police Officer, Speaker, and Author Glen Williams relates his work in the field of Relationships & the Police Family to the stories in the film, fostering a message to bridge the gap in communication between a Police Officer and Spouse.

Available for streaming later this year, our film will both inspire and educate, as we explore some of the most common and relatable issues all of us will face during & after our careers.

Is There Something Going On At Home? is a production of Lightning Digital Entertainment.

Directed, Edited, & Written by Jason Harney

Produced by Deborah Louise Ortiz

Executive Producers: Jason Harney & Deborah Louise Ortiz

Michael & Deborah Ortiz share a moment together in “Is There Something Going On At Home?”

Scott & Rachel Medlin creating memories with their two sons in “Is There Something Going On At Home?"

Dr. Olivia Johnson & Deborah Ortiz discuss addiction and marriage in “Is There Something Going On At Home?"

Glen Williams and his support dog Shiloh in “Is There Something Going On At Home?"

The Fatal 10 of Law Enforcement Suicide as presented by Dr. Olivia Johnson in “Is There Something Going On At Home?"