The Making of a Cheer Team

The Making of a Cheer Team Poster

Lightning Digital Entertaiment is proud to present “The Making of a Cheer Team”, a documentary feature which follows Coach LaDawn Grant and the Becker Middle School Cheer Team as they prepare for the 2020 Competitive Cheer Season in Las Vegas.

Step into ASMT Cheer Academy, a Las Vegas gym where school cheer teams of all ages from across the city begin their training under the tutelage of some of the best coaches and choreographers in the sport.  It is here where Becker will learn the skills and teamwork necessary to perform their routine in competition and in front of a roaring crowd.

Narrated by Laura Carducci-Bergstrom and featuring head coach LaDawn Grant and choreographer Chris Leggett, the film takes the audience through the training, which includes Stunts, Tumbling, Dance, and achieving the fitness level necessary to go full out for a high octane routine that lasts 2 minutes and 30 seconds.  

Utilizing the 2020 Becker team as the primary subject, we learn what it takes to succeed in a sport that leaves little room for error.  All through the eyes of the cheerleaders and coaches themselves, as they navigate the inevitable injuries and disappointments common in all sports, while learning what it takes to apply the team’s mantra “Leave it all out on the mat” to both competition and real life.  A skill which quickly became reality when their season and lives abruptly came to a halt as the world faced the Coronavirus Pandemic.

The film is a story of inspiration, hard work, and determination as we watch the team from the very beginning of their training, through the final routine as performed on some of the biggest stages in the sport.  So you wanna be a Cheerleader?  This is where the journey begins.

Shot from October, 2019 through May, 2020, “The Making of a Cheer Team” is Produced, Directed, Edited, and Written by Jason Harney and is a production of Lightning Digital Entertainment.  Original Becker Rountine Music is composed by Casey Marlow of Sounds Like That from music licensed by Power Music.  

The film is currently awaiting selection from film festivals.