The Basketball Family


“This film is a fantastic display on teaching young people to be fulfilled with God’s purpose and destiny for our lives.  Doug Lee is a phenomenal communicator and coach.”

Jerome “Junk Yard Dog” Williams - Retired NBA Player & BIG 3 Star

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Lightning Digital Entertainment is proud to present our first feature length documentary, “The Basketball Family”.  The film chronicles the playing career of retired NBA player and former Purdue University standout Doug Lee, as he makes the transition from professional basketball to coaching the Calvary Chapel Christian School Lions Boys Varisty Basketball team in Las Vegas, Nevada.  We follow Coach Lee as he utilizes a faith based approach to coaching and mentoring the young men on the team as they negotiate the obstacles of the 2016 high school basketball season. As the season progresses, the Calvary Chapel Lions experience the emotional highs of some of the school’s biggest wins, as well as the painful losses.  Through it all; however, the team finds its way through adversity and realizes they are learning the very attributes that will help them compete in life. 

Doug Lee Interview

     Unlike, anything you have ever seen before, “The Basketball Family” takes an in depth look into Division 3 High School Basketball in Las Vegas with unprecedented access into the locker room pregame, at halftime, and post game, as well as the practices where the game plans are installed and the teaching methods that lead to the team’s success are employed.  In addition to Coach Lee’s consistent on screen presence, the film also features interviews with the team’s Assistant Coaches and leading players to give insight into what viewers are seeing on screen.

     For the basketball fan in all of us, the film features highlights from all of Calvary Chapel’s most important games, as they attempt to get back to the Southern Region playoffs for the second year in a row after qualifying for the first time ever in school history during the 2015 season.  As a viewer, you will see the actual in game time outs, as Coach Lee races against the clock to draw up plays for crucial possessions and motivates the team when they find themselves not playing at the level expected by the coaching staff.  

     Appropriately, with the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas being the center of attention, the tag line for “The Basketball Family” is “Life Begins On A Small Stage”, indicating the point in all of our lives where we first began to develop into the people we would eventually become. 

Team Huddle

     “The Basketball Family” is produced, directed, written, and edited by Jason Harney and is a production of Lightning Digital Entertainment.  “The Basketball Family” was an Official Selection in the Documentary Feature category of the 2016 Nevada Film Festival, going on to win a Platinum Reel Award.  The film was also an Official Selection of the 2017 Online Christian Film Festival where it went on to win Best Documentary, Best Director, Best Editing, and the Inspire Award, as well an Official Selection of the 2017 Christian Family Film Festival. The 2017 Top Indie Film Awards nominated “The Basketball Family” for Best Documentary Feature and Best Editing, and the film also won a Bronze Award from the 2017 Spotlight Documentary Awards and the Award of Recognition from the 2017 Impact Documentary Awards.

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